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Past ICON Keynotes

Keynote SpeakerKeynote Topic

Prof. Amba Kulkarni

Information Coding in Language: Some insights from Indian Grammatical Tradition

Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya

"saathi haath baDaanaa": Cooperative Natural Language Processing

Mr. Sanjeev Gupta

NLP and impact on ecommerce: The Flipkart Way

Prof. Björn W. Schuller

NLP in Tomorrow’s Profiling - Words May Fail You

Prof. Hwee Tou NG

Grammatical Error Correction: Past, Present, and Future

Prof. Vasudeva Varma

Towards Abstractive Summarization

Prof. Richard Sproat

Neural (and other machine learning) approaches to text normalization

Dr. Bruno Pouliquen

Practical use of machine translation in international organizations

Prof. Yuji Matsumoto

Scientific Paper Analysis

Prof. Aravind K Joshi

Complexity of Dependency Representations for Natural Languages

Prof. Sobha L

Text Analysis for identifying Entities and their mentions in Indian languages

Prof. Lori Levin

Modeling Non‐Propositional Semantics

Prof. Sadao Kurohashi

Knowledge-Intensive Structural NLP in the Era of Big Data

Prof. Vasudeva Varma

Challenges in Social Media Analysis: Text Analysis and Beyond

Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya

NLP and IR: Coming Closer or Moving Apart?

Prof. Miriam Butt

Lexical Resources for South Asian Languages

Prof. Owen Rambow

Treebanks are Not Naturally Occurring Data: Choices in Treebank Design and What They Mean for Natural Language Processing

Akshar Bharati, Prof. Vineet Chaitanya, Prof. Amba Kulkarni

Anusaaraka: An approach to Machine Translation

Prof. Sanjeev Khudanpur

On Estimating Probability Mass Functions from Small Samples

Prof. Sanjeev Khudanpur

On Estimating Probability Mass Functions from Small Samples

Prof. Hwee Tou NG

Towards Word Sense Disambiguation in the Large

Prof. Ted Pedersen

The Semantic Quilt: Contexts, Co-occurrences, Kernels, and Ontologies

Prof. Steven Bird

Querying Linguistic Databases

Dr. Lucy Vanderwende and Arul Menezes

The Empirical Revolution in Natural Language Processing

Prof. S. Umesh

Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition

Prof. Martin Kay

Aligning Sentence Parts

Prof. Ramon Lopez de Mantaras

Towards Artificial Creativity â Performing expressive music using case-based reasoning

Prof. Jun-ichi Tsujii

Text Mining for Biology â Experience and Research Activities of the GENIA group

Prof. Manuela M Veloso

Cooperation and Learning in Teams of Autonomous Robots

Prof. Aravind K Joshi

From Sentence to âImmediate Discourseâ: Annotation of Corpus for Discourse Connectives and to their arguments, together with their Semantics

Dr. Keh-Yih Su

A Customizable, Self-Learnable Parameterized Machine Translation System Achieved via Two-Way Training